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Larrivee 00-03R
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Saturday, 19 June 2010

So, here we are with another acoustic guitar on an amp site :)

I was very satisfied with my OM-21 but was craving for a small 12-fret quality guitar.  I also wanted a slightly more balanced sound than the OM-21.  Just when I started looking at Larrivee 000-50 or 000-60, Ted at LA Guitars Sales did a custom run of Larrivee 00-03R.  This was PERFECT!  A short scale 12-fret 00 guitar by Larrivee with Rosewood, I was sold!

This is a VERY quick review (less than 5 hours of play time on the guitar!).  First off, here is a picture of the guitar:

The arrived fine without any issues in shipping.  The fit and finish is immaculate!  VERY nice workmanship with no issues whatsoever.  It does ship with medium strings which is heavier than I am use to.  The action is a bit higher than I am used to be very comfortable from the get go.  The only thing that I might change in the future is replace the plastic saddle for a bone saddle.  Outside of that, it's a winner right out of the box!

For those that rely on the one comment that it sounds like an Ovation, it does not!  This is a very rich sounding guitar regardless of its size!  It is almost as rich as my OM-21 yet has more balance (some might say less muffled).

Here are two short sound clips from the 00-03R:

Clip 1
Clip 2

Sorry for the less than ideal recordings and playing but it might give some ideas as to how it sounds (or would sound with a sound engineer and a good player!).

All in all, extremely happy with my purchase!

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