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Martin OM-21
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Saturday, 31 October 2009

For the last year, I have been playing a lot of acoustic guitar (mainly old acoustic blues stuff).  I did acquire a parlor guitar a few months back.  The parlor is a great fingerstyle guitar but it lacks the depth and bass for a good all around guitar (i.e. fingerstyle and strumming).

I have done a lot of research and the OM size is THE perfect guitar size for great fingerstyle and strumming!  I have tried a lot of different OM's and I settled on the Martin OM-21 because of the sound and the stunning price / quality of sound ratio!  It would be hard for me to find a guitar with that sound below the cost of the OM-21.  Two other guitars that had the sound that I am looking for but at more then 1K MORE than the OM-21 were the Collings OM2h (absolutely stunning!) and the Santa Cruz OM.

I haven't had a lot of time with the OM21 but it is truely spectacular sound wise.  The appointments are understated and that is also a good thing for me (I don't like guitars with a lot of bling!).

So, here are a few pictures of the guitar (click on image for a bigger image):

And a quick sound clip of the guitar (the crackling is not your PC but in the recording, seems like my usb recording box sometimes flakes out...):

Sound Clip

This is truely an amazing guitar for anybody looking for a very versatile and LUSH sound.

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