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Republic RP-1 Parlor
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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Has Sopht Amps gone acoustic?  YES!  I didn't stop playing with tube amps / electric guitars, I just am in a very big acoustic pass right now.  I am really into acoustic blues and ragtime guitar and was loking for a nice acoustic guitar.  The guitar had to have the following specs (outside of a good sound, obviously!):

  • Slotted head
  • Solid spruce top

While searching for a parlor guitar, I found the republic guitars RP-1 Parlor guitar.  See the guitar on their website:

Republic RP-1 Parlor

This is a great guitar for acoustic blues and ragtime.  The sound is crisp and the attack is very immediate.  Perfect for blues and ragtime.  My understanding is that this is based on the Martin Style 2 guitar in terms of guitar size.  The construction is nice and very little setup is required right out of the case.  There was a bit of buzzing on the D string around the 4th or 5th fret.  A bit of tweaking on the truss rod and the buzz was gone.  The neck is nice and wide, perfect for fingerpicking!  These are the pictures of the guitar that I got:





How does it sound?  Listen to this sound clip:

Sound clip

All in all, a great guitar for a great price!

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